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Welcome to my new website  –  Posted July 21,2020

Welcome everyone, to my new site its been driving me crazy a bit to find out on how to get this site to do the thing I wish to have it do and to tell you who I am I this world . besides that i have gone and done alot of awesome thing in the four years that i have lived here. Well here is where i start by asking you to check out the drop down menu above and enjoy the site, but check back soon because I maybe adding more great stuff to it….

Steven Provost   7/21/20

Website Update – Posted 9/20/20

Hello Everyone !

Thank You So much for stopping by my website, i hope you all enjoy it. its been teaching me alot about how to make and work on WordPress website, that i have started a WordPress Special Interest Group through a computer users group here in Boston Massachusetts. The name of the group is called The Greater Boston Network User Group (BNUG.ORG).  I hope you will check out their website and maybe join one of the meetings held on the first Tuesday of each month on zoom. 

I have been adding new pages and alot of cool things to the site, one thing i have gotten awesome feedback tthat some of you like the TV Theme song page. i fyou have any questions please use my contact page form to send me your questions  and feedback.

Thank you

Steven Provost 9/20/20