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Find Name for a website building company is your on-demand technical support service for anything WordPress.

Website development from $599

Is it time to revamp your website? Fixmysite can help you develop and design an optimally built WordPress website. Contact us today to schedule a discovery call and improve your online presence.


Fix WordPress issues from $49

Did your website let you down? Whether it’s a plugin conflict, internal server error, broken theme or a complex technical issue, our priority service will restore your website in good order.

Website transfer from $69

Do you need to transfer your website to a new server? Migrating a website can be a daunting task, especially when changing domain names. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure that your website is safely transferred to its new home.

Small Tasks

Website assistant from $39

Would you like to make some small changes to your website? Perhaps you need help updating your text, images, layout or adding a new exciting feature. Save time running your website.

UPDATEI have updated my theme, plugins and WordPress.DEACTIVATE SLOW PLUGINSI have checked my site with Query Monitorand removed poorly performing plugins.OPTIMIZE THE DATABASEI have optimized my database’s tables and removed unnecessary entries and transients.LIMIT EXTERNAL REQUESTSI have kept third-party embeds, analytics, and advertising services to a minimum.FAST HOSTINGI am hosted on a super fast server and my time to first byteis below 1s.SERVER LOCATIONI am hosted in a datacenter that’s relatively close to my website’s visitors.CDNI am using a content delivery network to further accelerate the delivery of static assets. WOOCOMMERCEI have disabled cart fragmentation (caution) and removed WooCommerce scripts from regular pages and posts.2

COMPRESS IMAGESI am using a compression service to optimize my images without compromising quality.LAZYLOAD IMAGESI am using a Lazy Loading script to save on bandwidth.MINIFY AND COMBINE JAVASCRIPT AND CSSI have minified and concatenated all my scripts and styles.REMOVE QUERY STRINGSI have removed version query strings from CSS and JavaScript files.CACHEI have installed and configured a server-side caching plugin.BROWSER CACHINGIn addition to server-side caching, I am leveraging browser caching to further speed up my site.GZIP COMPRESSIONI am compressing static files by enabling GZIP compression in my.htaccess file.RENDER-BLOCKING RESOURCESWhen possible, I have eliminated render blocking resources and deferred them to the foo