Steven Enjoys A Fresh Lobster At Roy Moore Lobster Company 9/5/20

Touring New 

Touring New  is a Video Blog of two local Boston guys both Born and raised here in Massachusetts, their Names Steven And Mike who have a deep love for New England and the history it holds dating back to the 1600s and the landing of The Pilgrims on Plymouth Rock is the traditional site of disembarkation of William Bradford and the Mayflower  Pilgrims who founded Plymouth Colony in December 1620. The Pilgrims did not refer to Plymouth Rock in any of their writings; the first known wrote a reference to the rock dates to 1715 when it was described in the town boundary records as “a great rock.”[2] The first documented claim that Plymouth Rock was the landing place of the Pilgrims was made by Elder Thomas Faunce in 1741, 121 years after the Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth. In 1774, the rock broke in half during an attempt to haul it to Town Square in Plymouth. One portion remained in Town Square and was moved to Pilgrim Hall Museum in 1834. It was rejoined with the other portion of the rock, which was still at its original site on the shore of Plymouth Harbor, in 1880. The rock is now ensconced beneath a granite canopy designed by McKim, Mead & White.

Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, Inc.

Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, Inc. is a Reintegration organization located in Boston Massachusetts which is part of Suffolk County in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in the United States. Founded on November 15, 2018., by Steven Provost and Co-Founded by Michael Austin, when they both found out that friend of theirs that is being released from corrections had no support or help to find resources in Boston Massachusetts and being a part of other organizations that worked with returning citizens. Just before Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, Inc. was born one of the other Organizations called “New Start Project” which was founded by Mr. Tony Smith. In September 2018 the New Start Project Board Of Directors decided to close its doors for good. that’s when BPRRS decided to continue the mission that I badly needed in the Boston Massachusetts Area.