Amateur Radio Documentation

  1. Amateur Radio Guide to Digital Mobile Radio (2ndEdition)
  2. Frequency Bands Chart [PDF] (8.5 X 11; grayscale)
  3. Frequency Bands Chart [PDF] (8.5 X 11; black/white)
  4. Frequency Bands Chart [PDF] (8.5 X 11; color)
  5. Frequency Bands Chart [PDF] (11X17; color)
  6. Frequency Bands Chart [PDF] VERTICAL (8.5 X 11; color)
  7. For the most updated Part 97 content, please visit:  
  8. A PDF of Part 97 is available here.
  9. A copy of Part 97 maintained by the ARRL can be found here.
  10. Ham Radio Glossary
  11. Frequency Allocations  and Band Charts
  12. Band chart of US Amateur Radio Technician Privileges [PDF]
  13. Contact basics chart [PDF]: commonly used Q signals and phonetic alphabet
  14. Radiogram Components, Q Signals and Prosigns [PDF]
  15. Communication Procedures, ITU Phonetic Alphabet, RST System, UTC Time Conversion
  16. Grid Square Locator
  17. Learning Morse Code