Building My New Railroad Layout

About my First Train Layout

When I was young, in the house that was built by my grandfather. my father helped me build a layout in the basement of our house. i remember having some many years of fun working on my layout and running my Ho locomotives around the track. At one point when I got a little older my  dad went down in the basement and came back upstairs and told me a water pipe had broken above my layout, I went downstairs to take a look and everything I had was beyond repair. i was so sad and crying because i love the layout even watching the locomotives run around the track. Now that i am in my later years of my life i want to start to build other layout.

where I start. here’s some questions I asked myself below.

  1. Identify what railroad I will Be Modeling?  A: Boston And Albany Railroad
  2. What Type Of Layout will be built: NMRA Modular Construction
  3. Where do i get track Plans from?: Boston & Albany Railroad Wikipedia
  4. How will I Control my Locomotives:: NCE Digital Command Control
  5. How Will Railroad Volunteers talk to each other? Family Radio Service Two Way Radios
  6. My Start Planing Date: 9/21/2020
  7. What am i doing Right Now: 9/22/2020- (Planning Stage at this time)
  8. My Start Build Date: Unknown  at this time

DCC (Digital Command Control) Information and Links

General Model Railroading Online Resources:

Internet Resourcesƒ