My Special Olympics Story

This year was a  very special time when I was a part of the Massachusetts Special Olympics. I played softball with my fellow team members and was Blessed by given the chance to attend the games in South Bend, IN, and stay in the dorms of the world-famous campus of the University of Norte Dame. The team was driven from Springfield Massachusetts in a van to a hotel in Boston Massachusetts. we stayed the night and the following morning we woke up early to get on a bus to get to our plane to Chicago, when getting on the busses I saw a bunch of State Police officers on Motorcycles and in police cars. I really didn’t know what was going on, but I found out after we had all loaded onto the 5 buses, that we are getting a State Police escort to the airport with the police lights running on top of the police cars. It was awesome !!! after a few hours on the place and a ride to the Campus of the University of Norte Dame, we are given our bed assignments. and walk over to the dining hall to get our meal cards to have supper. The dorms are all covered with ivy and it’s so great to walk around the campus to see it in real life.

The next day it was time for the whole Massachusetts state team to get dress in our Dress Uniforms which was a blue suit jacket, tie, dress paints, we walk to the University of Norte Dame sports Football stadium where some of the great names in football made the game famous like George Gipp, RB (1917-1920), Joe Montana, QB (1975-1978), Joe Theismann, QB (1968-1970) once played,  the first part of  Opening Ceremonies was for everyone to get lined up outside the stadium by what country we are from and then when it was time we all march into the stadium, the funny thing is when the CBS Production came to show the state of Massachusetts they cut away just before we came into the stadium. during the taping of the Opening Ceremonies,  they did the segments that you see on the videos below but sometimes the off-air time was very long so they could change Background sets.  The whole production was very long and I was there for the whole show.

When I got up the following morning I had  to get ready and dressed in my softball uniform

Videos From International Special Olympics Games at University of Notre-Dame 1987 

  1. 1987 Special Olympics Marching Knights Segment 1- (CBS Coverage of Opening Ceremonies)- Part 1 
  2. 1987 Special Olympics 3.m4v (CBS Coverage of Opening Ceremonies)- Part 2
  3. (HD) Whitney Houston – Love Will Save the Day (Live from 1987 Special Olympics Summer Games Opening)
  4. Whitney Houston, Barbara Mandrell, John Denver, Marvin Hamlisch Winners All 1987 LIVE
  5. Eunice Kennedy Shriver-“A Message of Hope, A Message of Victory”
  6. Tim Frakes Productions Inc. 1987 International Special Olympics Notre Dame
  7.  Kristine Johnson International Special Olympics Games at University of Notre-Dame 1987 HD
  8. University of Notre Dame Campus Tour